Eliminate Your Awful Menopause Symptoms In 8 Short Weeks And Be Virtually Guided By The Girlfriend Doctor
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Hi Girlfriend,

If you've had it "up to here" with menopause...

     The uncontrollable bloating, swelling, and weight gain,

     The sleepless, sweaty nights,

     The annoying brain fog and bad moods,

And if you're ready to experience...

     More smiles and less frustration,

     More control and less cravings,

     More faith and less fear,

In short — if you're ready to enjoy life again...

Then I want you to know that I get where you're coming from because I've experienced the misery of menopause — not once — but twice!

The first time was so excruciating that... 

"I Begged God To Take Away My Life"

My nightmare began on a peaceful Sunday afternoon at home after church with family and friends.

Nothing about the day indicated my life was moments away from changing forever.

I went into the bathroom for a few minutes, and after I came out, I could not find my 18-month-old Garrett, who rarely left my side.

I panicked, looked everywhere, and then a horrifying thought hit me...

The swimming pool!
I dashed to the back of the house to the pool and there he was, my beautiful boy, face down in the water.

He was rushed to the hospital and they tried everything they could to bring him back, but it was too late.

As any mother would be, I carried around a deep, relentless grief.

"The Resulting PTSD Catapulted Me Into
'Premature Menopause' At Age 39"

My breast milk dried up instantly.

Then other crippling symptoms appeared — like weight gain, hair loss, joint pain — and worst of all, infertility.

The brain fog and depression made it nearly impossible to handle the demands of being an on call, round-the-clock OBGYN.

So after handing my medical practice to a trusted colleague, I took a year off to go around the world on a healing journey with my husband and 3 daughters.
During my travels I sought out the wisest, most experienced healers on earth — from Amazonian shamans to cutting-edge medical specialists in Europe — and I learned how food and sleep and stress have a profound impact on our health. 

During my year of travel, when I was active, eating healthy foods, and learning healthy ways to reduce stress...

"I Lost The Weight, My Hair Grew Back, My Depression Lifted and I Wasn't in Menopause!"

Plus I was able to conceive and give birth to my "miracle baby" Ava.

My life was completely changed by what I had discovered about women’s health, and I was on fire to share it with the women I was treating in my practice.

My patients saw great results when I started running them through the same protocols I'd used to heal myself...   
  • Moods stabilized
  • ​Bloating decreased 
  • Sleep and energy improved
  • ​Mental health increased
  • ​Hot flashes all but disappeared
  • ​Sex lives flourished
  • Focus returned
Everything was smooth sailing for almost a decade and then...  

"I Found Myself Navigating The Rough Seas of Menopause For the Second Time At Age 48"

The symptoms were subtle at first — brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and lack of motivation.

Eventually my clothes started feeling tight, so I stepped on the scale and sure enough, I had gained 10 pounds.

10 pounds quickly turned into 20 pounds… and the scale kept going!
I wasn't too worried because I always knew I could go on a ketogenic diet and that would force my body to burn fat for fuel. 

(After all, I had done this countless times when I needed to quickly drop a dress size or two)

But then I was surprised to realize that my usual weight loss tricks no longer worked once I entered menopause!

So I went into “medical researcher” mode to figure out why — and that's when I discovered something that would change the face of women's health forever.

 The Secret To Losing Weight During Menopause

Over 1,000 Women Have Followed My 8-Week "Magic Menopause" Program for Keto-Green Living and Have Seen...

Do You Want More Out of Menopause?

  • The #1 Menopause program on the internet
  • 8-week program
  • Get access to Dr. Anna 
Waking rested because you slept all night long
​Loving the number you see on the scale
Enjoying plenty of energy all day long  
Gliding through life without aches and pains
Accessing higher levels of focus + productivity
​Replacing stress and worry with fun and relaxation 
​Jumpstarting your libido and feel sexy again 
​Amazing your loved ones with how healthy you look 
​Embodying a new level of spiritual attunement 
"Sounds great... let's do it!"
We Achieve All This By Working on The 4 Reasons Why Women Feel So Miserable During Menopause
Haywire Hormones
When your hormones are out of balance it makes it almost impossible to lose weight or experience positive moods. So Magic Menopause is designed to address the root causes of hormone imbalance.
Runaway Inflammation
Inflammation leads to many of the ailments that plague you as you age. To feel better fast you need to quench the fires of inflammation, and that is exactly what Magic Menopause can help you do.
Too Many Toxins
Toxins are everywhere in today’s environment. Some of these toxins have even been found to mimic female hormones. Magic Menopause will show you how you can safely flush out toxins to get your body back in balance.
Sky-High Stress
Sources of life-shortening stress are all around you. The stressors of your modern life aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so Magic Menopause is designed to help you enjoy the healing power of a happy mind.
Join me on this life-changing 8 week journey!
These 7 classes are designed to help you transition through Menopause with grace, kindness, and joy...
  • Discover the principles of health you’ll need to create a magical menopause experience 
  • ​Learn about the significant health benefits of alkalinity
  • ​Receive guidance, tools and tricks to get into a peaceful, alkaline state
  • ​Start easing your body into a fat-burning mode! 
  • ​Learn how to know for sure if your body is in fat burning mode 
  • ​Know exactly how much you can “cheat” and still see results
  • ​Discover how you can safely flush toxins from your body that have spent years trapped in fat deposits
  • ​Reduce cellulite naturally without spending $1000’s on lasers!
  • ​Learn how to decipher the subtle messages hidden in your hormonal symptoms
  • ​Discover ancient systems for understanding your body’s quiet cues for what it needs now
  • ​Discern what is working for you and what isn’t
  • Finally get that nasty menopause witch off your shoulder!
  • ​Learn how to optimize your daily routine to enjoy more energy
  • ​Simple lifestyle changes you can make to finally get the deep, restful sleep you’ve been craving
  • ​Small tweaks to your environment that can dramatically boost your energy levels
  • ​Replenish yourself so you can serve others at a higher level
  • ​Finally get off the hormone roller coaster
  • ​Feel better fast by encouraging your body to release more of the “love hormone”
  • ​​Temper the “stress hormone” that can make you sick and learn how to defend yourself against it
  • ​My favorite ways to experience enhanced spiritual attunement
  • Understand all the wonderful hormones that control your body
  • ​Learn how you can create a beautiful, in-tune hormonal symphony
  • The real cause of most menopause related health problems and how you can protect yourself naturally without dangerous drugs and expensive surgeries
  • ​Hormone disruptors - what they are, where they come from and how to get rid of them!
  • Accelerate your results with the Magic Menopause Challenge
  • Find out how to troubleshoot tricky symptoms with advanced lab testing (most doctor's don't even know about this!)
  • Rules of the road to live by as you continue your Magic Menopause transformation 
"Yes, Anna! That's exactly what I want!"
Magic Menopause Empowers Great Women (Like You) to Love and Serve at a Higher Level
Vicki O
"Love this Program"
"I was too tired to do anything, including being intimate with my husband. All that has changed for the better! My original symptom score was 48 and today I'm at 6. As an extra win, I've lost 10 pounds, and inches from my body. You'll love this program and won't want it to end!"
Kelly J
"A Wonderful Experience"
“Magic Menopause was a wonderful experience! The program is chock full of priceless information and support. As someone who's had some big health challenges and some traumatic emotional experiences in the last 15 years, I've made some real improvements with this program and I truly believe I am now poised to live my life in a much healthier and abundant way. I am really grateful to Dr. Anna!” 
Heather K
"Lost Inches and Weight"
“Before I started Magic Menopause I was discouraged by frequent illness, memory issues, and stubborn weight, but I had no willpower to shift it no matter what I tried. Magic Menopause not only got my body back on track, it gave me my willpower back too. I have lost inches and weight and detoxed like crazy!”
Mary Lynn R
"So Grateful"
“I am so grateful to you Dr Anna for creating this program & being the loving, caring person that you are. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wisdom with us in a simple way we can understand. You've really inspired me to continue the challenge to be my best self. I finally know how to eat delicious meals without gaining weight (I lost 10 pounds!) and I don’t need to self medicate with wine anymore. Best of all, my relationship has improved tenfold. Thank you!”
April P
"Thank You"
“I would like to express my gratitude to you, Dr. Anna, and all of your staff. I do not feel as hopeless as I did before and I'm really enjoying the process. I’ve lost 11 pounds so far and I’m excited to lose more. Thank you for allowing me to make this investment in my life and thank you for your investment into all of our lives."
Are You Ready to Love at a Higher Level?
Here Are The Program Elements I'm Going To Step You Through Each Week...
Video Lesson
At the core of each class is a 1 hour pre-recorded video lesson that teaches the core concepts for that week. The lessons are also provided in audio and written formats.
Inside the workbook is a checklist of all the action items mentioned in the video lesson. Here's where you'll also find your weekly meal plan and corresponding shopping list. Everything you need to succeed for the week is here!
Live Q+A with Me
Every week we meet up for a live Q+A video session.  If you can't make it live, the session is recorded... and I can even answer your question if you submit it ahead of time.
Virtual Office Hours 
You'll also get the chance to chat weekly with my health coaches — medical professionals who know my Magic Menopause methodolgy and are eager to help you get great results with the program.

Here's the Best Part... 
I'm Doing The Entire 8-Week Program Right Alongside You!

I'm Also Including These Resources to Help You Succeed With the Program...
100+ Recipes
You can find 100s of Keto recipes online... but this is the only collection with Keto-Green recipes anywhere! I've collected 100+ delicious Keto-Green recipes so you never run out of yummy meal and snack ideas.
Cooking Videos
I invited my favorite local chef into my kitchen and filmed her making some of my favorite recipes from the Magic Menopause Keto-Green recipe book!
Support Community
You aren't alone in this journey! I've built a safe community for you to share with the other women in the program. It's a private online group and you're going to love it!
"Yes! This is Exactly What I Need Right Now!"
Here's a Sample of the Countless Love Letters I've Received From My Magic Menopause Ladies Over the Years...
Nancy R
“Youthful and Vibrant!”
“I wanted to lose weight and feel good but the thought of another “yo yo” diet was a big turn off. But I knew if Dr. Anna said she had a solution, she would.

So I committed to Magic Menopause and soon discovered how my body responded to certain foods and my stressful lifestyle. As I became more "keto-alkaline" I lost inches, improved my mood, and I even married my love, feeling youthful and vibrant! I immediately felt a burst of energy and improved bowel movements which was an issue for years!

I encourage every woman to do this program. It is the solution! You will discover what is holding you back and release it as you become more of the woman you love to be and feel even more love and blessings.”
Debby T
“Invigorated and Energized!”
“As I moved into my 50’s I struggled with menopause weight gain of 12 pounds that I just couldn't lose!

Magic Menopause kept me invigorated, energized and released 10 of these troublesome pounds effortlessly. I am so grateful because this enabled me to reset my health and gave me back my energy. All this during a time when I was super busy, leading groups and back-to-back retreats! Normally, I’d feel drained, but honestly, on this program, I felt amazing!

I highly recommend this program as a solution for achieving energy, hormonal balance and weight loss. Do this now regardless of how busy you are!”
Phillipa A.
“A Beautiful, Sacred Journey”
"Magic Menopause is one of the most important, life changing, empowering, journeys I have ever undertaken for myself.

Dr Anna took me on a beautiful sacred journey to find solutions for my hormone health, well-being, balance and healing as a woman.

The 7 week programme blew me away. It was full of fantastic information, resources and understanding that supported me to make changes for my haywire hormones, weight and sleep issues to name just a few.

What was also wonderful for me was having a beautiful, committed group of women from around the globe supporting one another with care, respect, trust and love with lots of humor along the way. Sharing challenges and successes. Not feeling isolated and alone with menopause challenges.

I continue to practice much of what I have learned which continues to support, empower, motivate and improve all areas of my health. This is now my "road map” that continues to be part of my life. I feel totally blessed to have been part of this amazing journey.

Dr Anna’s Magic Menopause programme is for all women wanting and needing change in their lives."
"This is YOUR Chance to Turn Things Around!"
I’m also going to send you a Magic Menopause Success Kit containing $230 of my best-selling health products formulated just for women...
Success Kit Bonus 1 ($25 Value)
“Keto-pH” Test Strips + Tracking App
By testing your urine 1-3 times a day you can know for sure if you are in fat burning mode (Ketosis) and if your body chemistry is conducive to hormone balance (alkaline pH).

To make it simple for you to keep track of your test strip results I’ve created a simple, beautiful smartphone app.
Success Kit Bonus 2 ($70 Value)
“Mighty Maca Plus” Superfood Drink Mix
Mighty Maca Plus is my proprietary blend of nature’s most powerful healing ingredients... all in one delicious drink mix!  

Maca root has been used for centuries by women in Peru to boost mood, increase energy, and alleviate the symptoms of menopause

 The other 30+ amazing ingredients are included to detoxify the body and reduce inflammation response. This fantastic formula is gluten-free and contains no nasty ingredients.
Success Kit Bonus 3 ($77 Value)
“Keto-Alkaline®” Protein Shake Mix
26g of easily digestible vegan protein... and ZERO grams of sugar thanks to monk fruit!

My “Keto-Alkaline” protein shake mix is a super tasty and super healthy "functional food" that provides a variety of nutrients known to optimize natural detoxification.

It also contains a unique and potent blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help your cells create more energy.

Organic, non-GMO golden flax seeds are also included in the formula to support healthy hormone metabolism.
This superior protein shake mix is vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.
Success Kit Bonus 5 ($33 Value)
Purse-Sized Mighty Maca + Keto-Green Protein Shake
I want to make sure you have my products wherever you go so I'm also including "purse-sized" versions of both Mighty Maca and Julva. 
Success Kit Bonus 5 ($25 Value)
Free Shipping to Anywhere in the US!
I'm going to ship your Magic Menopause Success Kit bonuses anywhere in the US ABSOLUTELY FREE!
I've got them ready to ship in my warehouse right now so they should arrive at your doorstep a few days after you join... just in time for the program to begin.

"Send Me My Magic Menopause Success Kit!"
If They Can Do It... You Can Too!
Mary B.
“Joyful and Confident!”
“I started this program feeling tired, not caring, grasping, exhausted, lonely, sleep deprived, disinterested, low self-esteem and no longer enjoying the things in life that usually used to give me the greatest feeling of peace. At the time I actually thought I was heading towards Alzheimer's.

I struggled at first because I really had lost all desire to even succeed, but with the help of the weekly lesson, the products, my new friends on the Magic Menopause online support group, and Dr. Anna’s dedicated staff, I went from wanting to sell my beautiful horse, to fully enjoying every moment with him.

I went from feeling that my family really did not want me around (because of my forgetfulness and lack of concentration) to wanting to be with them more often and really having the energy to want to be with them.

I just want to thank you Dr Anna for sharing your expertise with all of us. You really are that shining light that God has set before us. Thank you so much for sharing. May God bless you and keep you beautiful because the world needs to see your light! :)”
Deborah H
“From Sad to Spiritual”
"When I signed up for the program I really was struggling. I didn't have energy, I felt sad and honestly didn't really like myself, nor could I sleep well without sleep aids. I craved beer and tacos too!

With Dr. Anna's help and the Magic Menopause program and systems, my hot flashes, brain fog, energy and mood have all improved and I lost 10 lbs, 2 inches from my waist and 3 inches off my hips! My symptom score improved from 42 to 17 and I don't need sleep aids anymore.

I have discovered so much about myself and I feel a heightened awareness to connect more spiritually. I enthusiastically recommend this program to any woman! It was well worth every penny I spent."
Michelle M
“A Life Changer”
"When I entered the Magic Menopause program I was overweight, tired, experiencing brain fog, memory loss, night sweats, hormonal migraines and hot flashes. My periods were irregular and I had no sex drive whatsoever. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be like this for the rest of my life.

Starting Magic Menopause wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Everything was right there for me. Thanks to the online support community I realized that I was not alone, and I realized that I COULD really make a change in my body and my life. And I did!!

Here's what improved: weight (down 15 pounds), brain fog gone, night sweats gone, migraines significantly reduced and NO hot flashes. My periods became regular...and the biggest change...was that I found my libido, which I thought had been lost forever.

My anxiety also diminished and I felt such a happy and positive outlook on life. I regained confidence in myself, and learned again to love me for me.
Magic Menopause is a LIFE CHANGER. It's unlike anything I've ever experienced, but thank goodness I did!"
You'll immediately access to both of these Instant Digital Bonuses...
Instant Bonus 1 ($13 Value)
"All Things V" eBook
Vaginal health is a key aspect of your femininity and I meet too many women are struggling with issues like vaginal dryness, discomfort, urinary leakage, discharge and irritation, and lack of sensation ...simply because they don't know that solutions exist! 

So after 20+ years of being an OB/GYN I've compiled all my knowledge about vulvar-vaginal health into a super-comprehensive 200 page ebook!

It's everything you need to know about your lady parts — but were never taught. In my opinion this is required reading for every woman!

Instant Bonus 2 ($11 Value)
"Staying Keto-Green on the Go" eGuide
Staying Keto-Green is definitely doable when you have a fridge full of Keto-Green foods and access to a real kitchen — but it's much harder when you're running errands, traveling or staying in a hotel.

So I developed this guide to share my best tips for staying Keto-Green away from home.

With the right knowledge and a little bit of planning you can enjoy the feel good freedom and "energized enlightenment" of the Keto-Green lifestyle no matter where you are.
Download Your Instant Bonuses Right Away!

I've Prepared 3 More Bonuses To Support Your Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

You'll Also Get This Super Sexy "Completion Bonus" When You Finish the 8-Week Program...

"Yes... I Want All Those Amazing Bonuses!"
Magic Menopause Empowers Great Women (Like You) to Love and Serve at a Higher Level
Lori N
“Clarity and Control”
“I am a working mom with 5 busy children and my husband works out of town, so I do my best (with God's help) to juggle it all.

Before Magic Menopause I was feeling really worn out, irritable and stuck. Stuck at my weight, stuck with my moods, and stuck with what I felt like was a rut.

Magic Menopause helped me gain clarity and control! I am less irritable, feel better in my body and have new tools to help me not feel so overwhelmed.

I recommend Magic Menopause to any woman, no matter how busy you are!”

Kimberly J
“I Feel So Much Better!”
"I really struggled with hormone imbalance, bad insomnia and hair loss... and now I feel so much better and stronger! I have been a fitness enthusiast and thought I was doing everything right, but the tweaks and tips that Dr. Anna gives just honed in. Now I sleep through the night, my endurance is better, and my skin is clearer!

I think a lot of women are lost in their journey and think they have to suffer because they don't know where to turn for help. Dr. Anna’s expertise and knowledge in this area can help any woman with their hormone issues. I believe that the wealth of knowledge Dr Anna has is a gift to any woman and she can meet them where they are in their journey.

I would recommend Magic Menopause to any friend that needs guidance and support for menopause (or even younger).”
“Do you have any questions for me?”
"Will Magic Menopause work with my favorite weight loss program?"
Probably! Magic Menopause is designed to work hand in hand with any low-carb weight loss program like...
  • The Atkins Diet
  • ​the Paleo diet
  • Mediterranean diet 
  • Weight Watchers
  • Ketogenic diets 
  • ​South Beach Diet
"I have an existing health condition. Can I still participate in Magic Menopause?"
The worse your health is, the better you will feel with Magic Menopause! And the more you need it. 

Everything we do is designed to put your body back into a state of balance, with possible improvement to a variety of other ailments like eczema, arthritis, diverticulitis, endometriosis, anxiety, depression, fatigue.

Some of our early participants were even able to reduce the doses of their medications (under the supervision of their physician, of course).
Magic Menopause is not a cure for any disease, but you will probably experience improvement in your symptoms if you stick to my plan.
"Will I have to starve on skimpy salads?"
No way! I love to eat and so my Magic Menopause nutrition plan includes plenty of delicious, hearty foods you will be excited about eating...
As you can see, the foods I recommend are high in healthy fats like eggs, olives, avocado (even butter and cheese!) so they taste great and keep you full for hours. 

On some mornings the meal plan does include a shake for breakfast... but I promise you are going to love them. My morning shakes are like having dessert for breakfast, and they will give you a power boost to boot!
"How much time is this going to take?"
If you are like most women, you are running at full speed from the time you wake up in the morning until your head hits the pillow late at night.
And all day long you are taking care of everyone... but yourself!

By the time you make sure your kids, husband, and job are taken care of there is no time for yourself because you think that would be “too selfish.”

Well the truth is that the men spend time and money to take care of themselves. They go to the gym, play golf, and watch Monday Night Football... all without feeling guilty!

We women need to do the same; It’s time take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.

Unless you are healthy and vibrant and living your most passionate life, your children won’t do it either. They learn by watching you, so you can help them through helping yourself!

So even though learning and implementing Magic
Menopause will require you to carve out some time in your busy schedule, the result will be more peace and happiness for you, in your home.

I promise.
"How does Magic Menopause compare to your other menopause programs or books?"
Magic Menopause is my most comprehensive program for women in menopause because you get access to way more SUPPORT...
  • 7 pre-recorded lessons with me
  • ​7 Workbooks
  • ​Your “Magic Menopause Success Kit”
  • ​A private Facebook group
Magic Menopause's 8 week timeline is long enough to help you create new, healthy habits — and that's why you can expect the most drastic transformation when you participate in this life-changing program.
"The world is upside-down right now.... Is this really the best time to make a big commitment like Magic Menopause?" 
“My old weight loss tricks stopped working once I entered Menopause!”

I have conquered “a few extra pounds” several times in my life with functional medicine and anti-aging principles, but when menopause hit…

BOOM! Everything changed. 

My body had exploded up in weight and everything I did felt like deprivation... and I still couldn’t get the weight off and feel good. 

Worst of all, the 7 Dwarves of Menopause were tormenting me day and night!

“One of the Most Life Changing Things I Have Done"

“I came in wanting to learn as much as I can about menopause to make my path smoother, but mainly to help others. I was tired and ready to walk out on my family and life, to follow my heart and do what has been burning down deep in me for years. I was so tired of doing for everyone, and feeling invisible.

What I got out of it has opened my eyes wider than I would have thought and altered the way I think about everything. Possibly one of the most life changing things I have done and so timely. I have learned so much and find I am talking more freely with my husband about things that have to change and what "I" need. Not in a selfish way, but I now understand the effect not having my needs met has on my health. I have always put others first and had been beating myself up as I felt drained and unable to maintain this in the weeks prior to this program. I now find myself reassessing everything and looking to what is serving me, so that I can serve others more fully.

My family mean the world to me and this program has allowed me to see that in the midst of stress and things we wished didn't exist I can be visible, breathe and be all I dream. My husband and I have spoken and are looking at ways to improve our situation. He's even said he may join me in your Sexual CPR class. Who knows what is ahead for us, but in faith we keep stepping forward.”

Rikki Bradley
Here’s what happens when you join…
  • You'll get instant access to the Magic Menopause class schedule and your 2 instant bonuses.
  • ​Your Magic Menopause Success Kit will ship out from my warehouse within 1 to 2 business days.
  • You'll get access to the Magic Menopause “prep steps” to prepare you for when the program starts...
  • On the following Monday we officially begin the program with Week 1!
  • Every week for the next 6 weeks I will send you a training module and workbook. 
"Sounds Great... I'm Ready to Join!"
Now you can get my help at a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 consultation!
Although I still take on the occasional private client, my rate for 1-on-1 virtual consultations is $700 an hour...

If that price seems outrageous to you then just remember... 

I've conducted OVER 10,000 1-on-1 APPOINTMENTS during my 20-year career as an OB-GYN . 

(Chances are, I've seen your exact problem — and I know exactly what you need to do to fix it — which can save you countless visits to doctors who aren't female hormone and anti-aging specialists.) 

Because Magic Menopause is a group program, it allows me to serve many women at the same time, and I can charge less for the entire program than I do for a single 1 hour phone appointment

So if you decide to join us before the enrollment window closes, you will be able to receive 15 hours of pre-recorded and fb group instruction from me for a special low price of just $697

Plus you’ll receive $275 worth of bonuses that I will be shipping to your door, at no extra charge to you! 

If you still aren’t convinced of the value, here’s another way to look at it that makes this an easy decision: 

“Many women waste $10,000's trying to fix their menopausal problems ... and they still aren't fixed!”

Menopausal symptoms usually last 5-15 years — and postmenopausal consequences can be detrimental — like diabetes, dementia, depression, and osteoporosis.

What is it costing you to feel so bad for that long? 

When I was trapped in my own "hormone hell" my business and my family suffered right along with me. 

If you really think about this, you’ll realize it’s costing you FAR MORE not to take action. 

Many women waste $10,000's on... 
...but none of those actually fix the ROOT CAUSES of hormone imbalance like Magic Menopause does!
Get to the Root Cause of Your Awful Symptoms!
What life would be like if you could...
More Rave Reviews for Magic Menopause...
Christine D
“Thank You! Thank You!”
“I absolutely recommend the Magic Menopause program. The program educates, informs and empowers women to take charge of their own health and wellness. 

I was amazed by the access to Dr. Anna's wealth of knowledge, positive leadership and passion, along with volumes of reference materials, top quality and natural products, and an awesome online community for connection, sharing and support.   

Some of my successes are a loss of 10 pounds, 3 inches, and a significant decrease in inflammation and bloating in the midsection. I also gained the knowledge and discoveries to take me to the next level of health and wellness. I couldn't have asked for a greater group of women to share this experience with - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
Pastora Jamelette C
“Tremendously Better!”
“I have really felt the struggle of menopause within the past decade -- from the weight gain and sluggishness, to bleeding issues, and moodiness.
Dr. Anna Cabeca’s plan is the solution! Following her expert guidance I gained tremendous energy and clarity! I feel tremendously better, and even more calm.
Our body is the temple of our spirit and as we honor God with the good condition of it, God will place new roles and purposes within us during this wonderful new season in our lives. My husband and I now plan to start our own church!
I encourage women at any stage of life to take this course as it will leave you healthier and more inspired. I smile thinking about all the good women this will help!”
Are you finally ready to get the help you need?

Still Not Sure?

I promise that Magic Menopause will work for you...
or I'll refund your money!
The fine print: We offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction no questions asked guarantee on Magic Menopause. If you've been following all of Dr. Anna Cabeca's instructions (taking the products, learning the information and applying it in your life) I guarantee you will see results. If within 30 days of the start of the program you feel dissatisfied, you may return the products and be removed from the program and fully refunded. Before returning bonus products you must contact us at team@drannacabeca.comfor refund authorization and you will need to return any bonus products at your expense. If any of the products have been opened the retail value of those products will be deducted from your refund amount. 
Put My Money Back Guarantee To the Test!

When You Join Magic Menopause You're Helping Women and Children Around the World Recover from Traumatic Events

“Yes, Dr. Anna! I’m ready to experience my own Magic Menopause transformation!”
When I register for the program I know I will receive:
  • 7 “Magic Menopause” video trainings + workbooks ($1,000 value)
  • ​Private online support community (priceless)
  • SUCCESS KIT BONUS 1: “Keto-pH” Test Strips + Phone App ($25 value)
  • ​SUCCESS KIT BONUS 2: “Mighty Maca Plus” Superfood Mix ($70 value)
  • ​SUCCESS KIT BONUS 3: "Zero Gram Sugar" Protein Shake Mix ($77 value)
  • INSTANT BONUS 1: "All Things V" 200 page ebook ($13 value)
  • INSTANT BONUS 2: "Staying Keto-Green on the Go" guide ($11 value)
  • COMPLETION BONUS: "Sexual CPR" home study program ($497 value)
Total Value = $1,746
Your Investment is Just...

This Is Your Invitation To Help Me Create Places Of Peace in Our Chaotic World

You’ve spent many decades earning and learning.

Now it’s time for returning; inspiring the younger generations with your wisdom and experience.
But if you want to give freely and abundantly it can only come from an abundantly overflowing cup.

No more running on empty and burning yourself out! 
Let’s work together to make sure you're as healthy, vibrant, and connected as possible during this special new stage in your life.

I look forward to helping you experience a magical Menopause!

Sending You Love,
Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG, ABOIM
P.S. When you have great health you have 1,000 wishes — but when you don't have great health you only have 1 wish. (Think about that one for a moment.) You can't put a price tag on how good it feels to wake up every day in a sound mind and body. You accomplish more, you get more of what you want, and everyone around you is happier because they feel your joy. I created this program with YOU in mind — so join us!

“Women’s Health is Truly Blessed”
“Dr. Anna Cabeca brings an extraordinary level of academic expertise, passion and compassion to the art and science of medicine. She approaches patient care with a wide lens that gives her a far reaching perspective encompassing a wide range of factors that play into the delicate balance between disease and wellness. The field of women’s health is truly blessed by Anna’s gifts.”

David Perlmutter, MD
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of Brain Wash, Brain Maker, and Grain Brain

“Rare in Doctors Today”
"Dr. Anna Cabeca is my go-to for women's restorative and sexual health. She combines an impressive medical background and encyclopedic knowledge with a kindness, compassion, and humor that's rare in doctors today. And she created one of my favorite and best-tasting green drink powders available. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert
NYT Bestselling Author of The Virgin Diet & The Virgin Diet Cookbook
“A Rare Expert!”
“Dr. Anna Cabeca is a compassionate and knowledgeable physician and educator, a rare expert who takes a comprehensive health-focused approach to the complexities of hormonal balance and healthy aging.”

Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D.
Founder, Integrative Cancer Answers
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